Our Building Process

At Bigfork Builders, Inc., we understand that our clients want every aspect of their new home, room addition or remodeled space to be absolutely perfect, so we take the time to listen to their design goals, architectural ideas and budgetary concerns. We consider the entire home building process to be a mutual partnership rather than just a business arrangement, and we are proud of the fact that our clients also become our friends. Our unique, multi-phase approach to building and design allows us to fully customize the client-builder relationship to better suit our clients' design preferences, lifestyles, and building objectives. This process normally proceeds as follows:

We want to thank you for the outstanding job you have done in overseeing the construction of our house. It has definitely turned into a dream come true. The quality is unsurpassed and the detail that you required from your employees is remarkable.
— Mac and Pat


The Introduction Meeting

In this phase, we typically provide our industry credentials and discuss our client's design goals, building style preferences, conceptual drawings, budgetary concerns and the anticipated construction time-line of both parties.

Phase 2

Site Selection & Review

The Flathead Valley / Swan Lake area of Montana is one of the most beautiful places on Earth to call home and we know it like our own backyard. We have established relationships with a network of local real estate, architectural and banking professionals over the past twenty-two years and are happy to provide recommendations for clients who desire assistance with lot selection, plan design or financing arrangements. For those clients who have already decided on the perfect location for their Montana dream home, this would be the phase where we visit the site together. During the site visit we typically discuss issues such as location access, landscape and topography conditions, local ordinances or applicable building restrictions, positioning of the home, desired views, and privacy issues.

Phase 3

Pre-construction Agreement, Preliminary Design & Cost Analysis

 We have now developed a fairly thorough understanding of the building site, our client’s design goals and their preliminary construction budget by this point and it is during this phase that we request a deposit for any additional design or architectural services to be performed. Both parties enter into a Pre-Construction Agreement and we begin to discuss in greater detail the initial design plans as well as the preferred finishes, fixtures and appliances. This is also the point at which we provide our clients with a Cost Analysis, which is based on conceptual drawings or preliminary blue prints, and in some cases provide them with design and finish options that are more in-line with their construction budget. 

Phase 4

Construction Contract, Budget, Approval & Building Permits

Both parties execute a Construction Contract during this phase of the building process and we each firmly commit to moving forward with the project. We provide our clients with an itemized and detailed Budget at this point and proceed with obtaining any permissions, approvals or permits required by local regulatory authorities. 

Phase 5

Home Construction Begins

We meet or correspond more frequently with our clients during this phase and is the point at which their design really begins to take shape. After the surveying and permitting processes have been finalized, we prepare the location and secure the site for building activity. The excavation work begins, the plumbing and electrical utilities are roughed-in, the foundation gets poured, the exterior and interior walls are framed, and the roof goes up. The wall and ceiling finishes, window and door styles, lighting, cabinetry, counter tops, flooring and appliance selections are also finalized during the Home Construction phase.

Phase 6

Clean up & Move in

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction lasts as long as our homes do and we’re not finished with the job until our clients tell us it’s absolutely perfect. The new home is professionally cleaned prior to completing the final walk-through with our client and we provide a hands-on demonstration and detailed Home Owner’s Manual to ensure their familiarity with the home's features and operating systems.